Terminal 107 Park

Seattle Waterfront Park – həʔapus
Village Park

Located on W Marginal Way SW just south of the Spokane St. Viaduct. Found this hidden park along the Duwamish waterway while driving by. The Boat sculpture caught my eye.

7 Acre Shoreline History Landscape

Very quiet with a lot of trees makes it very enjoyable for an afternoon walk.

Shoreline Habitat

A habitat was developed when they did the cleanup of that Industrial Area.

Picnic Area

Great place to have a Picnic. Some picnic tables are available.

Duwamish Waterway

Depending on when you go there, the tide may be in or out. It was out when I walked through the park. Seem like a few people walk their dogs here too. Didn’t see anyone fishing, but you may be able to do that here also. Great place to exercise in a quite area without the hustle and bustle of the city.

Park probably closes the normal time that all city parks close. Beware of trying to get on the street when you exit. Very busy street. Turn into the center lane when taking a left. Right turn should be easier.

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