Summer Fun

Summer Fun Activity 

What has your Summer Fun Activity been this year?

Ideas Summer Fun

Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Swimming or other outdoor activities?

Summer Fun Ideas Adults

You may want to travel to other countries or areas you have never been to like Scotland, London or Florida?


Is an easy one to do by yourself or with your family. There is more fun to be had if you are with somebody else. I know for myself, I camp just by myself most of the time, but it would be better with someone. Just a quick reminder. You pack it in, you pack it out… take your trash with you! Put you Fire
out with water and feel it with your hand to see that it is cool, if not put more water on it and retest.


You can do this alone or with somebody. It may be easier to use a boat if you had someone to help you. Using a boat gives you more access to other areas of the water that you would normally not be able to reach. I have an inflatable and had to get a Kayak Cart so I could move the inflatable boat by myself. So
much easier to inflate the boat and pile your fishing stuff in and go.


There are lots of trails that have been built for everyone’s enjoyment from easy to steep and rough. It’s up
to you to make that choice. The more steeper it is the more energy you use to get up the hill. So bring along refreshments and snacks to keep you going. That is easy with a small backpack.


From ocean side to river side and in between, even lakes are a great choice. You get to see a lot of fun
areas while swimming and may even get a tan, but beware of those sun burns! Take some sun tan lotion with RV protection to keep you safe. Keep watchful eye on your surroundings and you family.

Other Outdoor Activities

There is also other activities like finding the mountains that have snow left on them to play in or even
skiing on the lakes. So have a lot of fun and keep it safe.

My Summer Fun Activity

Cougar Mountain Indian Trail


Mineral Lake Fishing and Camping


Saltwater State Park Des Moines


Riverbend Campground, Olympia, WA, Tent
and RV Camping


Angle Lake Park

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