Riverbend Campground, Olympia, WA, Tent and RV Camping

Riverbend Campground is a nice Family or Singles Campground. Amenities are Power, WI-FI, Picnic Tables,
Fire Pit. Also available are Bathrooms, Showers, Laundry, Mini Store which has Wood, Propane and misc stuff at main office area. See Park Map and Rules at the bottom of this post.

Getting Setup Before Nightfall

Friday morning I called and verified my Tent Spot. I arrived Friday night after driving for about an hour and a half. Stopped at the Check In Office to finish paying for my spot. When I reserved my tent spot, they only charged my card for half of space rent.

They gave me two cards. One was for the Rear View Mirror and the other was for the
Space Card Holder Post.

After Setup

It was time to make something to eat. Made some soup and settled down for an evening of relaxation. Had a few beers and watched some shows on my Ipad that I had downloaded to it before retiring.

Next Day

After I had my coffee, I decided to walk around. Talked to a few people about fishing in the Nisqually River. I looked up the fishing regulations for that river, which I failed to do before deciding to go to this
campground. This river has some major restrictions on it, so I was unable to fish at that time of year.

Nisqually River

In this area, the water is very swift and fast. From the way it looks, it gets up out of it’s banks quite often, a lot of brush and piles of timber. So swimming and fishing is at your own risk.

Have An Ipad With You, Just In Case

When I wasn’t walking around down by the river, I was watching shows on the Ipad. A friend told me how to download various shows to watch later which was a great advantage. I didn’t even have to go on their WI-FI that they have in the campground.

Over all, I would
rate this Campground, 5 Stars. Fishing, 1 Star.

Does Riverbend Campground WA have a Store?

Yes, A small Store where you check in at when arriving. Has a few Essential items and Ice Cream Bars.

Washington Sports Fishing Rules
Page 36 – 38 of Rules

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