Make Your Career Your Next Adventure

If you find a Job that you love, it will never feel like a JOB!

So for many years, I have been fight with that ordeal. I really don’t know what I love, but I know that I
love the Outdoors. I grew up in the country and was always doing something outdoors. But when you grow up, you are required to find a job that will put money in your pocket for food and more.


For most of us, it is just a Job! Any type of job will do just to bring in money. But is it what you really love to do? Are you working yourself to death and for what? Just a few points to ponder on!

I love the outdoors and try to get out as much as possible. Because I am in the Transition of work, it’s a
little hard to find time to get out for some real adventures. Between the full time job I currently have and the new direction I am working on, adventures are hard to come by.

What I am Doing

Adventures is what I write about on my site, Fun Things To Do Outdoors.

Here I have various articles of what I have been doing and recommendations of adventures for yourself and your family. Getting out and enjoying the outdoors brings a whole new prospective to your life.

I chose WA, Wealthy Affiliate to build my site because of the ease and in-depth direction that they gave me. They make it really easy to get my site up and running. They made me feel like I could do anything! They even have massive amount of classes on just about any topic that you can learn from.

A New Career Direction

And now my new direction is leading me to want is really possible when you love what you do.

It could be that I never feel like I am really working!


John Flood



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