Fun Things To Do Outdoors Website Review


This website currently has 6 menu titles besides the home button to pick from. They also have sub menus
within the main ones.

Menu Categories

Hiking, Camping, Skiing, Fishing, Accessories & Extras and My Reviews

Sub Categories

About John, Privacy Policy, Cougar Mountain Indian Trail, 50 Best Hikes in the USA, Camping by State, Mineral Lake Fishing and Camping, 25 Top Skiing Locations in the USA, Best Water Skiing in the US, 50 Best Fishing spots across the USA, Outdoor Accessories and Gear, Outdoor Recreation Accessories, Get
your own Website, Coleman Gas Camping Stove, Apple iPad Pro Tablet.

Website Usefulness

Easy to use with a large variety of places to view and to make for you next adventure. Lots of pictures
to see of those locations.

Wide Range of Accessories

When needing accessories for your Outdoor fun, they have a wide range of options for you to look at for
your up coming adventure. With some of the sub menus, you can even dig deeper into where you want to have your next adventure for yourself and your family.

Remember to take any Safety Items you need for those just in case times that arise every so often.

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