Cougar Mountain Indian Trail

I picked this trail because it was close to home since I only had a few hours to hike before nightfall. The Trailhead was at the end of 171st Ave SE, but with limited parking, so get an early start.

Preparing for the Hike

I got myself a collapsable Hiking Pole and had some deep tread hiking boots that covered the ankles for protection against rolling the ankles sideways. Make sure the boots fit well, the right length and width. A waterproof type is good for trails that are wet and slippery. Insulated boots may be needed if you are in cold weather and snow.

Below is a list to take

Items needed for Hike:
Car Keys
Light Back Pack
Hike Boots with good deep tread

Things to put in or on a Backpack for Hiking:

Baseball Bat Light
Cap Light
Extra Batteries for Lights
Baseball Cap

Cell Phone Backup Battery
Two USB Cords for charging
1 Plugin for USB power

Two Water Bottles


Gerber Plyers & Knife set
Hiking Knife & Fire-starter set

Cell Phone
Radio & headset if desired.

Telescoping Walking Stick

Pain Relief Med
Small First Aid Kit

Prepare to have Fun on your Mountain Hiking Trail

I spent 6 hours hiking on various trails that branched off the main trail. I figured that after 3 hours of walking into the hills, I should turn around to make it out before nightfall. It felt that the walk back out was shorter than the walk-in.

A few highlights of the hike are in the pictures below.

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