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Another Trip To Mineral Lake, WA

I used the App, Campspot from the Google Play Store to rent the spot to camp on. Friday
Morning, I check in on the App to confirm my camping in that spot I had rented.

As I had my rig packed for camping when I left for work Friday morning. After work, I stopped at a gas
Station to fill up with gas so I didn’t have to while on my camping trip.

As I drove about 3 ½ hours, I ran to a lot of traffic but soon the roads started to narrow two mostly single
lanes both ways. I did stop by a gas station to pick up ice for my cooler.

Before I setup camp, I made a pit stop. There are two Bathroom Facilities within the Campground, no sinks or showers inside.

Setting Up Camp

I arrived a little after 7pm, stop at the check in office and got my Camping Pass for my vehicle. I back
into my slot to one side for easy access of the rear hatchback for my rig.

I laid out my tarp to put the Tent on so the tarp wouldn’t show. Since I had an easy setup tent, I had it setting on the Tarp in no time. I tried to use the tent stakes to anchor the tent, but it has gravel rock and was unable to use most of the stakes. Next time I need to bring at least 4 to 6 blocks to hold down tent if the wind comes up.

After the tent was setup, I started on the air mattress. Since this air mattress has a electric pump
incorporated within it, I had purchased a Jackery Portable Power Station to plug it into, to power it up.

I put the rest of my sleeping equipment in the tent. I then set up a table outside and a chair to eat on and
to setup my Coleman Triton Propane Camping Stove.

Now That Camp is Set up

Cell phone service in this area is very bad. So I decided to walk up to the bar to have supper and a few
drinks. I also noticed that they had free WiFi there. I could check messages and send some. Also to check weather conditions for the next two days.

After that I went to my tent since it was late and lit my BLUU Flameless Propane Heater to
take off the chill. A little while later, I turned off the heater and crawled into my sleeping bag and two covers to sleep comfortably.

The Next Day and the Rest of the

I woke up and made some coffee and had a little oatmeal using my Overmont Pot & Kettle. I
then headed off to fish from the shore since I didn’t have a boat. I noticed that the camp ground and lake was being swarmed by flying large ants / termites. I was told that they swarmed each year at this

It ended up being a very hot weekend. On the last day, a few people had caught a few fish and had them on a stringer that was in the water off the dock. It is well known that Otters swim in this lake. They lost all the fish on the string!

I cleaned up my camp ground slot and put it in the Dumpster provided.

Resources for above Accessories


Jackery Portable Power Station

Coleman Triton Propane Camping

BLUU Flameless Propane Heater

Overmont Pot & Kettle


Zearna Twin Air Mattress with bulit in Pump

Pop Up Tent

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