Author: John Flood

The Best Hiking Trails Near Me

Are You Searching Online For The Best Hiking Trails Near Me I have completed various searches for the best hiking trails near me and found quite a few. I have posted a link on my website HIKING to assist you more in finding a trail. Listed are the 50 Best Hikes in the USA. I…Read more

Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy

WarmWeather & Long Days As the days get longer and more sun has arrived, getting outdoors is one of the things that everybody wants to do whether it’s hiking, camping, skiing, fishing, or just beingoutdoors. If you are going outdoors, you need to make sure you have the equipmentyou need to have a safe and…Read more

About John – Founder

Hey! I am John, founder of Fun Things To Do Outdoors. My goal is to help you find things to do like Hiking, Camping, Skiing, Fishing, and much more. Also, I will show you the accessories you need to complete your adventures. Growing up, I was always outdoors doing something from hiking, fishing, camping, hunting,…Read more