Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Many people find that they neglect the outdoor areas of their property and don’t make the most of their veranda, patio, deck or balcony. It should be remembered that the home is just as much outside as it is inside, and with a little bit of attention just about every external space can be made into an inviting and comfortable space which you will look forward to using.

With just a few carefully chosen additions it can be possible to transform a neglected and unused space into a welcoming and beautiful outdoor oasis for al fresco dining, socializing or simply relaxing.

Here are the top 10 ways to improve your outdoor living space:

Comfortable seating: One thing that really makes an outdoor space less enjoyable is uncomfortable, hard and wobbly seating that is well beyond its best. Transform your patio or veranda into an external lounge with some comfortable cushioned chairs and be able to enjoy the fresh air in luxury.

Outdoor rugs: Adding a washable rug especially made for external use will help to make a nondescript outdoor space into a cosy outdoor room. A luxurious rug can also help to provide texture and will soften the area, particularly important outdoors where flooring is likely to be hard wood or even concrete.

An awning or umbrella: Your enjoyment of the outdoors is unlikely to last for long if you suffer from sun burn or heatstroke. An awning or umbrella is an essential item unless your space is either naturally shaded or protected by the building.

A fireplace or grill: One of the most common things we all hear when talking about indoor living rooms is the need for a focal point. For some reason, when it comes to the outdoors, this seems to get forgotten. An external fireplace, grill or chimney makes an excellent focal feature, providing both warmth and a welcoming orange glow. With the addition of a fireplace in your outside area there is absolutely no reason why your enjoyment of the outdoors can’t continue through the winter months.

Side tables: When furnishing an outside area, there is no reason not to think as you would when furnishing a space indoors. Adding side tables adds not only practicality but also to help demarcate an area and enables you to express your own particular style and taste.

Water feature: An outdoor water feature or fountain can be an excellent focal point for your outside space at all times. When your fireplace is not in use, your water feature can provide both a soothing background soundtrack and an interesting spectacle when lit with ornamental lighting.

Outdoor dining: Eating food off a plate on your lap can be okay once in a while but if you intend to make al fresco dining a regular occurrence then a set of outdoor dining chairs and a table is a must and will make eating outdoors an absolute pleasure.

A hammock or swing: There is surely no better of way of relaxing and enjoying the outdoors than gently swinging away whilst sipping at your favourite drink.

A ceiling fan: If your outdoor area is covered than a ceiling fan is the perfect way to provide a little rest bite from the hot summer air and helps to ensure your patio can be enjoyed whatever the weather.

Lighting: Probably one of the most important things to get right, yet one of the things which many people neglect the most, is the lighting of their patio, veranda or deck area. Choosing the perfect lighting is essential to get the most from your outdoors space and really helps to create an inviting ambience and a relaxed mood.