Outdoor Hunting and Fishing Enthusiast

Outdoor Hunting and Fishing Enthusiast

To many people the outdoors has so much to offer more and more it is becoming ever increasingly Americas pastime, and with so much to offer it is not hard not to see why. To some it is just a walk around the lake for two friends and the camaraderie, to others it is the exercise for health and wellness, but no matter what the reason, it is growing in popularity.

To the average person the smell of what Mother Nature has to bring in the springtime, is the flowers and warm weather that stirs in most spirits. All the wildlife that has been hiding out of the harsh winters chill, coming back out, and getting back to the busy task of what summer has to offer.

Summer brings a time when everything must be done to prepare for the next coming of winter. But it is also time to relax after the long winters bite. Most outdoor enthusiast head for the lakes and streams and the outdoors for the love of camping, fishing and the outdoor water sports. Be it boating and recreational activities, canoeing, water skiing, whatever stirs there excitement.

To others the fall brings out the best! It is the time of year many have been waiting for. Whether it is a drive along a lonely road just the family, or alone to see mother natures beauty at its utmost! The fall brings a beauty all its own, with the trees brilliant colors, the smell of the crisp nights, or perhaps just a gathering around the bon fire just to cuddle and stay warm, whatever the reason it has its own.

Fall holds a special place in my heart, as I love the preparation for the season I favor the most, the hunting season. The outdoors and hunting season brings a special bond for me and my children. Getting everything ready seems like you never have everything, checking, and double checking. The preparation of getting outdoors to check the tree stands, and trails walking through the woods among the color, and the wildlife brings a calming, and a feeling like no other. A special time with my two girls that only we share that never will be forgotten.