Outdoor Fish Grilling Tips

Outdoor Fish Grilling Tips

Fish on the Grill

Love having your favourite large bass or grilled salmon on the grill? Try something different today! Consider codfish too! It’s pearly white in colour. Usually restaurants or home-cookers use it to steam with light soy sauce, its taste is soft, sweet and healthy. People prefer fish because it is easy to clean and it is easily cooked. Are you hungry already? DIY your own recipe today!

Grilling Methods

Try grilling on red snapper, codfish, tuna or even swordfish. The best way to grill these is to use hinged wire fish basket. As for fillets of catfish or flounder can also use the same method: hinged wire fire basket. The advantage of using it is because it distributes the heat evenly on the fish and the slight pressure on the fish.

When grilling tuna or salmon, be extra careful when handling as we do not want to crumble or cause it to break apart easily. Remember also to toss and turn once every while to ensure that it is cooked evenly and to prevent it from over-cooked.

Marinating Fish

Marinate the fish with your favourite recipe and keep the mixture into the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes if possible. Bring out the fish only when you are ready to cook it. However, as for the sauce heat it 5 minutes before using it on the cooked fish as there may be bacteria kept in the fridge. Hence, boil or fry it till it’s hot to kill the bacteria.