Creating a Spectacular Outdoor Living Space For Less

Creating a Spectacular Outdoor Living Space For Less

According to a recent design trends study by the American Institute of Architects, there has been a huge increase in the number of outdoor living space projects being commissioned. In fact the survey revealed that two thirds of the group’s membership reported a significant rise in the number of clients requesting high end landscaping and the creation of outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor kitchens are one particularly popular request and although that may sound like a very expensive prospect, you can actually create such a space for about $5000 if you plan carefully.

Any outdoor kitchen needs a central cooking space and a ready-made kitchen island can be purchased for somewhere in the region of $600-$1200. Many of the more expensive models come with a built in grill but, if the one you select does not, allocating enough of the money you intend to spend on the project to buying a good quality grill is a must.

You can shave hundreds off the cost of creating your outdoor living space with a little careful furniture shopping. Resin wicker furniture is durable and good looking but can be found relatively cheaply, with full sets available for under $500. Obviously a nice dining table is very important as well and may well be worth spending a little more money on.

To get the maximum use out of your outdoor living space you might want to consider purchasing an outdoor fireplace or chimenea. The extra heat means that you could possibly continue enjoying al fresco dining well into the fall.